Our Work

At Ahvaan Trust we work closely with primary school teachers to help them strengthen their teaching practices, build their confidence, and equip them to become facilitators and mentors.

Our Teachers’ Professional Development Programme aims at helping teachers overcome challenges with respect to teaching-learning. Beyond that, we do so much more, from building robust curriculums and transforming classrooms into wonderful learning spaces, to involving parents in their child’s education and enhancing every child’s ability to absorb, reason and understand. 

Since our inception we have implemented strategies to help raise the level of primary school education in government schools. 

Work with Teachers

We work with pre-primary and primary school teachers. The overarching objective is to develop every teacher into the best possible facilitator. Our workshops help educators strengthen their teaching practices, build their confidence, and understand how to teach their syllabus using the pedagogy they are being trained in. Every workshop focuses on simple habits and values which teachers can incorporate in their classrooms. Habits and values are more easily absorbed and imbibed by young children who can emulate by example.

Classes with Children

Our direct intervention with children is in the critical primary years, through the Resource Rooms we have set up in the schools. Each class, from Nursery to Class-V, comes to us for one hour every day. An Ahvaan teacher teaches the children English and Math, using active and experiential pedagogy. These classes also act as demonstrations for the government school teachers.The Resource Rooms we have set up in schools, make technology accessible to teachers and students, and store essential teaching-learning material. This helps gather all teaching aids, and other study paraphernalia in one space, all to better assist students and teachers.Additionally, classrooms are meant to have an atmosphere that is conducive to learning. We have transformed numerous classrooms into vibrant and inviting spaces that appeal to both students and teachers alike.

Developing Curriculum

At Ahvaan, we strongly believe in a school curriculum that ensures logical continuity through the different stages, from pre-primary to elementary to secondary, keeping in mind the developmental needs of children. We are honoured to be working in close proximity with the Directorate of Education and SCERT (Delhi), building a cohesive and practical curriculum for nursery and kindergarten students.

Institutional Collaboration

Any change in education cannot be done in isolation by one institution. We believe in working with organisations and supporting the government’s own efforts towards improving primary education. Our attempt is to constantly liaise with the Directorate of Education, Government of NCT of Delhi, the SCERT Delhi and other government bodies to help identify areas where Ahvaan can contribute. We are working with Ambedkar University Delhi (AUD), particularly the  School of Education (SES) and Centre for Early Childhood Education and Development (CECED), to improve the level of primary education in government schools. We have been working with the District Institutes of Education and Training (DIETs) to assist them in training government school teachers  in child centric methodology.

Interaction with Stakeholders

Our belief is in the holistic development of every child. Often parents are divorced from their children’s education, and we felt it important to involve parents so they possess a better understanding of their children’s primary education. Through Parent-teacher meetings and creating an emphasis on a child’s holistic development, both within the school and at home, parents are encouraged to be partners in their children’s development. We also regularly interact with school principals so they too are part of this holistic process.